Early in the summer of 1991, I was working for a rock station in Erie. We were sponsoring a concert that featured several national recording artists. Each air personality was to pick the name of one of the bands out of a hat and introduce that band when it came time for them to play.

I picked the slip with Pat Travers Band on it.

Preconcert was great. The air staff ended up eating and drinking with the Marshall Tucker Band in one of the locker rooms of the arena. Those guys were so friendly. And even a famous drinking band like that couldn’t possibly have polished off all the alcohol that was there. We felt obliged to help them out.

The concert had started and it’s my turn to be on stage to introduce the band, like the last two acts. Just as I walked up to the stage mic in front of about 5,000 people, Pat Travers walks over to me and wants to know what I thought I was doing. I told him I was here to introduce him.

He then pulled his guitar aside and pushed me away from the mic while saying, “We don’t need any fucking introduction.”

I was so furious I grabbed my girlfriend at the time and left the arena. And not quietly.

To this day, every time Boom Boom Out Go the Lights comes on…boom boom off goes the radio.