Another Marvelous Light Show From Mother Nature

Wait!?! Another wonderful sky-gazing event a little over a month after the total solar eclipse passed directly over our home? AND clear skies in northeast Ohio?

Yes, an extra strong Aurora Borealis hit the skies of north America bringing thousands to better vantage points. One of those crowded vantage points was a beach near us where Karen and I frequently take in sunsets and less frequently launch our kayaks. We couldn’t believe all of the cars in the parking lot when we arrived shortly after 10PM. Although there is a new winery just opened next door with direct access from Madison Township Park.

I really wasn’t ready for the show happening out over Lake Erie. I had tried before to see the Northern Lights but was always treated to just hints every time we went to view them.

Friday, May 10 was just breathtaking. You could see them easily already from our condo a few miles from the shore line, but we knew they must be impressive over the lake. And even though Karen had to get up early to work the next day, it was well worth the trip.

I couldn’t believe we were being treated to a second rare sky show in a little over a month. You can see photos from the eclipse here.

I really wanted to capture photos to produce a time lapse, again, something I’ve never done with this camera.

I really should have taken photos for at least another 15 minutes, set the intervalometer a little faster, and taken it off Raw (I thought I would need it). This sequence was taken every 15 seconds over an 11 minute period. The video should only actually be 1 second, I slowed it down a bit.

This photo album is a combined effort between Karen and myself. While I was struggling getting the Canon Rebel set up, she was already taking some wonderful photos on her Google Pixel Cell phone camera.

Only four of these and the time lapse ended up being from my Canon Rebel. The best shots were actually taken on Karen’s Google Phone. In fact, a nice stranger offered to take our photo and that’s the camera we used. He also did a very nice job with the shot. It’s the one at the top of the page.

You can view the images below or have a better viewing experience opening this album in Google Photos.